What's the best way to get over my fear of hieghts?!

Progressive desensitization (or graduated exposure therapy) is the best way to treat phobias. It is fortunately easily self-administered.

To do this yourself, you need to determine how little exposure it would take to feel fearful. For instance, you might feel some anxiety just looking at a photograph that was taken at a high place, or you might be able to look out a third floor window with ease but a fourth floor window would cause some fear.

Once you've determined your lowest exposure threshold, you expose yourself to that level every day (or possibly week if daily would take too much time) until you feel comfortable at that level. You can increase exposure by time or by increasing the height.

1. Don't force yourself to go past your lowest exposure threshold.
2. At some point, it will get more healthy than not to fear heights - for instance, on the roof of a 40 story building.
3. You can do this for yourself, but a therapist will have good information about how this developed, other techniques that will help you overcome your phobia more easily and perspective.

My ex started this type of therapy about the time we first met. When he started, he couldn't enter the local herpetarium because the door handles were in the shape of a cobra. Within 3-5 years, he was able to pet snakes that other people were carrying.

Other Answers:
The best way to get over your fear is by repeated exposure to it. When it comes to having a fear of heights, gradually subjecting yourself to higher elevations is a great way to face your fear and regain control of your emotions and conquer your Fear Of Heights, by basically talking yourself through it mentally.
you may never get over your fear of heights. i myself, am afraid of heights and it is something that is just to hard to get over. we are not afraid of falling, but of the sudden stop.


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