i have low back problem in L4 n L5.guide me to alternate treatment apart from su!

Question: i had treatment from a bone healer in 2004 n since then i am managing with his therapy?is there any total cure for this?
Depends on what the problem is. Some bone problems can even be helped by massage therapy, as it's possible that your muscles can keep pulling your spine in the wrong way. Discs and such typically need surgery.

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i had a herniated disc from back in 1986 and although the disc is no longer herniated i still have to watch it. every now and again it still acts up. i was taught there are certain ways to sit stand and even sleep that aid in keeping the problem away, but i would consult a doctor or therapist for further info because i am not one. i have spoken to my doctors over the years and all they have to say is "eat right and follow a good diet". i hope this has helped even a little. good luck.
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