Which ear should a man pearce?!

I believe that straight men pierce the left while gay men pierce the right.

I don't have any piercings but I think I have it correct.

Other Answers:
i think both.but left suits better
Depends on what statement your are making.
Both looks hot on some guys
Left is standard for straight men
Right is standard for gay men
left.. or none.
Depends if u are straight or gay. But have you considered piercing your member?
Neither, I don't thing earrings are masculine. To me when I see a male with an ear piercing, I automatically think sissy. If I had to pick though, I would say the left ear, but don't get an earring that looks sissy.
would that be the right ear
from seeing around
guys piercing there ears went out with the 90's! if ya must do it Peirce yr left ear!
IF you REALLY REALLY want to put on ear accessories, do it to the left ear. Unless you're a gay, do it on the right.
My advice, you as a guy, don't need extra decoration, unless you wanna impress your buddies.
left.but both is so totally hot

even hotter is the eyebrow, but you cant be gangsta..you have to be sk8er like


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