why do my head aches when i ate so much ice cream and other cold goodies?!

Question: i suffer this evrytime we ate ice cream.care to tell me wahts the reason behind this problem?
Here, it part is what the Wikipedia has to say about "Brain Freeze":

The reaction is triggered by the cold substance consumed coming into contact with the roof of the mouth. It irritates nerves in the region (sphenopalatine ganglia), causing them to spasm. These nerves cause the blood vessels in the brain to dilate. When vessels in the brain dilate, a common effect is an acute headache.

Next time it happens, try drinking a little hot water. That usually helps.

Other Answers:
your problem is that your body cant handle much cold food and sweets soo dont eat them.
Your problen is quite common.My mother is a doctor and has many times said that some people have a less tendency to ressist to cold eatables and if they do eat it causes some problems.So better to avoid such goodies.


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