wats the best way to get rid of zits?!

I also use a medicated mud masque to get rid of pimples that come up. I can tell when a pimple's about to come because the skin underneath gets really sensitive, like it's pulsing or something. I sometimes put a dab of mud masque in that area to keep it from coming up.

But the best thing my mother taught me was to have a nightly routine to keep zits away. You should never use soap or anything with alcohol to take care of your face. Just an inexpensive moisturizer to remove the dirt and makeup then re-moisturize with a good quality product like Clinique.

Other Answers:
Over the counter meds, ask a pharmacist for what type. Then, off to the dermatologist if those don't work.
I used to have acne very bad and I tried something and this is not a solicitation or a cheap advertising, but Proactiv worked really well for me. I used that and drank plenty of water. and my face cleared up within a week. Good Luck!
Cut off your frickin' head!
My daughter, who is 23, uses a facial Mud Pack Masque by Queen Helene. She has tried other remedies, including prescription medications and creams. They have never worked as well for her as this masque does. Funny thing, on the bottle, it says "Old fashioned, time-tested treatment to soften lines and tighten skin". She's been using it for about a month now, and she has NO acne anymore. I haven't seen her face so clear since she was in elementary school!
You can buy this in the health and beauty supply department. I believe she got it at Walmart, but I'm not sure.
try: St. Ives Apricot scrub, you can find it in any drug store.
I knew a girl in high school who tamed her acne with St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
Girls in jail rub salt on their faces (resources are limited) with just a little bit of water.
I used Zest on my face in high school.
Try rubbing a little toothpaste into them.
Rubbing alcohol is the most potent cleanser you can get ahold of.
Witch Hazel is much more pleasant.
ALWAYS use an oil-free moisturizer, ESPECIALLY if you mess w/ any of these suggestions.
ask your doctor for prescription.he/she will give you the one that is best 4 you.
Don't worry I have the same prob. Try these:
* Noxzema
* St. Ives : swiss formula ,Apricot Scrub
* Olay : Foaming face wash
* Oil free face cleansers
The best thing is to eat foods w/ less oils in them b/c the oils from the food will add to the natural oils in your skin.


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