Does the Bowflex really work? Does it help you lose weight?!

Question: I am considering buying one but want to see if it worked for other people I need to lose about 60 lbs. What's the best one to buy as well, or are they all decent machines?
Yes it works! I own an Extreme2. I use to be an avid free weight lifter but I can do way more excercises with the bowflex, therefore building more lean muscle mass. I can also do my workouts quicker, or get a cardio workout with the Bowflex, something you really can't do with free weights unless you have an entire gyms worth in your own home. There is also less risk of injury and you have both positive and negative resistance. Just note that strength training is only part of the equation. You still need to have proper nutrition and hydration to make it all come together.

With your Bowflex you also get training software to track your progress, build your workouts, and video of every single excercise and the proper way to do them.

You get The Bowflex Body Plan. A complete work out and nutrition guide that also explains alot about excercise, diet, etc.

If your 30 or over, you need strength training to prevent the natural loss of muscle that occurs 0.5%-1% per year. This causes your metabolism to slow.

Take the bowflex challenge! If you don't see results, send it back. What have you got to lose, but the weight.

Go to their website, plenty of info.

Other Answers:
no it not really that good don't waste of money
strengthening muscles is one part of the fitness equation. Losing fat is the other.

To lose fat, you need to start 4x a week. Get it to the point where you can run for an hour or so with no problem. And first that means you might just be walking.

Combine fat loss with muscle gain. Bowflex is fine for muscle gain.not like free weights.but better than nothing. But you gotta do some aerobic stuff too or all you'll be is a strong fat person. Seriously.
I have the Bowflex Ultimate 2 it might work if i actually use it!!
It will only help you lose weight IF:
1. You actually like it enough to use on a regular basis.
2. You are willing to cut most junk food out of your diet.
3. You do aerobic activity as well as the weights.

The muscle work will help shape your body as you lose weight, and building muscle will increase your metabolism. However, just muscle work alone will not make you lose as much weight as a healthy diet and aerobic activity.


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