Is there a chance for me to still grow tall? (Details inside.)?!

Question: i'm male, 17 and stands only 5'5". I'm starting to worry bout my height coz lots of my friends are taller than me now. I used to be one of the tallest guys way back six years ago but now, I don't know what happened?! will i still grow?
You could still grow some more but your height will depend not only on your parent's height, but also on those of your wider family (uncles, grandparents, etc.). If your family are on the short side, chances are you will be too. Even if your father is tall, if your mother is short, you may inherit your height from her.

Men do grow until they are 21 so you may put on another couple of inches or so, although, being honest, you should have done the bulk of your growing by now. But do not give up hope. And even if you don't get any taller, I really wouldn't worry about it.

Other Answers:
Of course. Some people have their growth spurts late.REAL late.
Definitely. Boys grow until they are 21, and girls stop at 18, so don't worry. You will get taller!
I don't think we stop growing until we are 21?

How tall are your parents, siblings etc?

I shouldn't worry about it. Size isn't everything!
Research states that we grow until age 25 and then we start declining. You could still have a growth spurt.
You still have 4 years of growth left. no worries.
Plenty of time left.
proubly not i was the same way when i was younger
Heres an advert that was sent to me last year. If you try it out and it works, let me know. If I was in the age range I would have given it a try.
Be happy as you are! Your own height is the best height for you to have. At 17, probably you have some more time to grow taller, but I'm not sure whether you will grow taller than your sibling.

My advise is to eat wholesome and healthy food, enjoy life as it comes and stop worrying about things over which you currently have no control.
ha ha! i'm 1@(not ten) and i am 5"2 my sister is 30 and she is 5"2. my mom is about 5"5 my dad 5"2. it was estimated at my birth that i would be taller than my sister.
maybe,maybe not. you might have stoped because your metabolism slowed down.
Us guys keep growing into our 20s. Sometimes we get a spurt of teen growth, then it slows a lot, and then any more growth is really gradual.

Looking around the family says it all. We turn out about the same height as family and relatives. That is the way it is.

There is absolutely nothing any of us can do to change our height. However, we can take care of the bodies we have, by watching what we eat (portions) and by doing something physical (like walking) every day. That will make all the difference is how we feel and the confidence we have.
Drinking coffee causes sluggish kidney filtration which can reduce the body's ability to produce osteoblasts.. osteoblasts determine how much your bones grow. I would recommend not drinking coffee.

genetics determine how tall you will be.

In order for one to reach their genetic potential height, the body needs a certain amount of nourishment. This includes a balanced eating of vitamins that encourage growth proper exercising and adequate sleep.

Understand your body grows when it is at rest. Thats the optimal time when the body can restore the adequate balance of amino acids and minerals that encourage growth.

These are a few things you can to optimize your growth potential but ultimately genetics will determine how tall you are.

To prevent typing it all out right here, just check my source for the list of things you can do to optimize your growth.


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