Are you selfish?!

Question: If you are someone that is very giving in nature, very un-selfish and even put others first; then how is it that people can still belive you the most self inconseated selfish little spoilt brat that ever was?

Or it is simply that I feel the wrong kind of compassion?
I can be selfish at times, sometimes I probably want things too much , and I'll be a little pushy to get them. Also, I feel in life you have to take care of yourself, because who else do you really have to rely on but yourself? To balance things out, sometimes I'll even surprise myself, and be magnanimous by helping someone out of a rough situation.

Other Answers:
yes i am.but aren't we all in our little ways.its weird but true we all have this thing in us that just earns for our own things and know what i mean?
I guess I am.
It's maybe your wrong kind of compassion.but maybe it's the person's personality.some people aren't selfish around others but are in fron of parents, or people they dislike most
because you are without even knowing it most likly.
Because they're jealous, or because you are around certain people..
I consider myself to be very giving in nature.. However only because it's means to an getting what i want, or having people view me in a particular light.. so i'm very selfish! As most human's are!
Yes and there's notihing wrong with it as long as one doesn't step on others toes to be that way. There is no reason why I shouldn't put more effort into myself and my loved ones.
some times people put down in others what they most fear in them selves. loved one can do it its horrible, i know what you mean. bet you understand them for it too :)
People seem quicker to pick up faults than they do in giving credit. I am selfish at times, but also giving at times. Not sure we are one way or the other all the time, guess we are just plain ole humans with all our bad points and good. So be it.
That's my question.
Give it back.
because they are angry at you.Itry not to be selfish and I do my best to be kind.
People are judgmental--ALWAYS. But to put things in perspective:

I've lived a life of poverty. But I always put people's welfare and considering before my own (even when I'm married, it's a very bad habit to break), and give people support, and sometimes financial assistance when they need it.

But rarely do I ask for anything in return.

And when I do, people treat me like I'm crap and worthless, but I always remind them of when I helped them out in need.

Sometimes, it works, and sometimes, it doesn't.

But it it still doesn't stop me from helping others.
i think almost everyone is selfish in their own may just not realize it
I think everyone is to some extend, weather you realize it or not.
Depends on what you feel is selfish. Watching out for ones own interest. Granted that we all trying to better ourselves on a day to day basis. That's human nature. I think you question is a little deeper rooted, that sheer conceit, or selfishness.
People perceive situations differently. If you are in school and your friends are jealous because you seem to have the things they wish they had. You will be branded as selfish. We all have many different hats to wear any given time of the day. I am a brother, a son, a husband, a father. If it's your parent's that think you are selfish, maybe you should try thanking them for all of the hard work that they are doing. It isn't easy to provide for a family. Most parents have to work, and work is far different from school.
I think everyone is selfish in some way, and everyone should be to some degree. You need to take care of yourself first. Although, taking it to an extreme is not right. There should be a balance.

If you are concerned that others see you as selfish, you need to first look at the people who are judging you in that way. Do they have an opinion that you value? If not you shouldn't worry about it.

If you are concerned that you may be too selfish, try to look at yourself with an outsider's perspective. Maybe some people are just getting the wrong perception of you. It could be just a matter of how you are portraying yourself and not realize it. Maybe ask some close friends what they think, and maybe they can give you advice on how to better project yourself to others.


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