how can someone change his life style to a new healthy one?!

Question: am 22 years old, in good shape for now, i do not exercise at all i work from 8am and don't get back home until 5:30 - 6:00pm .. 99% of my food is JUNK. i hate gaining wait i find it disgusting and if i do gain weight i would be depressed and probably eat more. whenever i suggest dieting no one takes it seriously and tell me that am the last person who needs a diet. in my family we have the tendency to gain weight.
bring a healthy lunch with you to work and bring healthy snacks. Even if you continue the rest of your bad habits, this will help you get on track. Introduce healthy foods, you don't need to change everything in one day. Just start small and keep going. Good luck!

Other Answers:
Great age to stop the junk and eat good food. You should start slowly and eat more raw fruits and vegetables. I like to juice and I suggest a Jack Lalaine juicer as it is low cost and easy to clean. You need to take a multi-vitamin and use only good oils and no animal fats. Flax seed ground on cereal is a great source of omega-3 and so is salmon. I don't eat meat however I do eat eggs once in a while but I am finding that my body does not take well to them now that I have changed my diet. I have done this for 9 years and I only eat sweets for a treat. Try to eat more almonds and walnuts as they contain healthy oils. When eating peanut butter buy organic natural and make sure no hydrogenated oils are in your foods. Go to a sucanut sugar which you can get at your health food store. Exercise as much as you can and NEVER stop or you will regret it.I eat tofu and marinate it before I eat it or you can add it to salads for protein as it takes on the flavor of whatever you are using. I also use lots of fresh squeezed garlic on pasta and in a walnut oil and vinegar salad dressing with a little salt.Lots of legumes, Brown rice and beans also. Beans cause gas but if eaten with rice it helps prevent the gas. I hope this gives you a little start and good luck. Its great to hear that you are concerned about your body!Also try to take raw foods and nuts to snack on at work if you can and eat more small meals instead of one big meal.


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