Light brown spotting?!

Question: I had a very light period that came late, and a few days later i'm spotting. It started like discharge and everyday became lighter now it's a light brown, and I only spot like once a day. I'm not on the pill, and all preg. tests were neg. I have frequent headaches, but no other pains anywhere. I have a doc apt tomorrow. I've never had an abortion, or problems with my period. Thanks guys for reading this and your answers!
That happened to me a few months ago. Have you been really stressed out at anything lately? Stress can cause irregular periods or have you started eating anything different lately? Good luck on the doc. appt. tomorrow!

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Brown spotting is just old blood that usually comes right before a period, or right at the end. If nothing happens soon I would test again, but its not unusual to have brown spotting every month. :)
cool be a misscarriage
well, just go to the Dr. Old blood like that really isn't too good- so i won't say anymore i don't wanna scare ya
it could just be that u might have an infection..its good and better that youre going to the doctor
sometimes your period is just crazy. It happens to us all. Have you had alot of stress, more excercise, a different diet, a new medication? Sometimes it's the littlest thing that will make us act all screwy. Did you have a blood pregnancy test? If you are really early (pregnant) that is hard to pick up through a stick.
Mz_Amanda is right. It happens to most of us. Since it's never happend to you before and youre experiencing it with headaches, youmay just be stressed right now. Our stress levels can really affect our menstrual cycles.
It might be time for you to be put on some light form of birth control.
It is good that you have a doc appt that way you can get educated answers. I think, however, that as long as it has only happened once, not every month, you will be just fine.

God Bless
To be honest all of the above answers look good to me, but unfortunely you never said what age you are, or if you have any children!? Good to hear your going to the doctor, Get regular smear tests as these are vitally important! Maybe you can discuss this with your doc tommorow! I wish you the very best!
My own life experiences!
I actually can't answer you. I found this thread while looking for help on a similar problem. I'm 26 yrs old and have never had children, have not had sex in months, have never miscarried, and usually very regular. I started NuvaRing the first day of my last period. My period was lighter the usual which was fine with me, but for the last two and a half weeks I have been having spotting that stays like not a steady flow but also not just i bit here and there. The blood is dark brown all the time for 2 1/2 weeks. Not just a day or two after my period but 2 1/2 weeks. My doctor said that bleeding or spotting is normal with birth control, but the blood is dark brown with clots of tissue, not normal color by any means for 2 1/2 weeks straight. Anybody have any idea what could be going on? I'm 21 yrs old and not pregnant, nor was I. Had a test done before NuvaRing was prescribed and I haven't had sex a couple of months and had two regular periods before this. Thanks for any help.


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