Why do girls have periods?!

its pretty much so you can have a baby if you want to. its like when an unfertilized egg passes through the falopian tubes the uterus thinks there is going to be a baby that it needs to hold so it builds up a layer to protect the baby thats made of like weird skin stuff and blood so when the egg isnt fertilized the lining has to like shed itself and then it leaves through 'there'

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so you can have kids
I don't
because eve listened to the snake. and she sinned and because we are her children, we are sinners also.
ProCreation....thats why
your period if just an egg that has not been fertilized it is expelling itself. Rather than have some hard egg come out of your vaginal area, you just bleed because the egg and the uterus lining are breaking down. The uterus lining breaks down to make a new clean lining just in case your egg does get fertilized, so it has a clean place to embed itself.
THANKS ALOT EVE(great great great..and so on..grandma)!!(Haawa in Arabic)
What a Question,To have Baby's... When your older!
here go to this site this should explain

puberty.its when you reach that time in your life when you're body starts making eggs which attach with sperm and produce children..but just remember: just cuz ur body thinks its time doesnt mean you should do anything to make children.ABSTINENCE IS THE WAY TO GO!
That's the way they're made.
basically and fast, a membraine full of blood gets busted when your eggs are not conceived(pregnant). That's why pregnant women don't bleed.
Because guys would freak out
because men dont and we women have to do all the hard stuff. men would pass out having a kid.
i dont know
Every month a female's body get ready for them to have a baby and when they do not the body cleans itself out and the cycle continues. During your period you only lose about a teaspoon of blood the rest is tissue.
So you can have children.just use a tampon
i wud like to know too.
so we can have kids
because eve had 2 be evil and eat the damn apple
Let's just say it's because of Eve and the damn apples! lol
So you can have kids when you are ready.
guys could never handle it ( no offense intended but we all know that they all have unbelievabley low tolerance for pain)
every month God has to drain females of their evil. that why you have periods


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