how do i make working out enjoyable?!

Question: i really need to lose weight but i find most workouts just so boring! what can i do to make me actually enjoy working out?
There are many things, to me the most effective way is to continually change my workouts, always do something different, this will also speed up your goals. Many people need someone to workout with (Personally others annoy me) so find a partner or hire a personal trainer.

Remember you have a goal so it is up to you to find your way of getting there. I surround myself with those with similar interest which keeps me focused.

Other Answers:
I've been trying for Years to make it enjoyable.Good luck..I can make it enjoyable may for 3 day after that forget aabout it.
Find something you enjoy doing, that can be done at the same time. Music is a popular option. Don't pay attention to the fact that you're working out, pay attention to the fact that you are enjoying music.
music or talking with your closest friend


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