describe the sensation of being kicked in the balls?!

Question: I need a description for a story I'm writing.
Your sensory input is cut off while you assess the pain that surrounds your brain at the moment after impact. Slowly of 10 minutes or so it begins to fade away. "Is as if a million voice screamed out in agony at once and then were silenced. "

Other Answers:
words can not! describe it. sry
It is such intense pain that you can't feel it for several minutes, it is like and odd tingling that continues for several minutes until you start to feel the pain
Your entire body retracts into itself and you can't feel your testes.
i'm guessing "Owww!" ?

from what my guy friends have told me, searcing icy pain shooting up to the stomach.. but from experience, wouldn't be able to tell you. lol
It's the most horrible feeling in the world. It makes you powerless for minutes and the pain runs up your body all the way to the brain.
I don't even want to talk about it!

It is indescribable. You have to experience it to understand.
It's like someone grabs your stomach and pulls it out through your crotch. All of your limbs go weak and you feel your face contort like a banana peel that gets left in the sun.
That ought to give you some good imagery for your story.
it feels like you all the nerves in the lower abs and in the lower back after a few seconds it is awful
OK, try this. Take hold of your bottom lip. Now pull it up and over your head! Very similar on the pain scale!
depends on hard the kick is and the situation.

If it is a really hard kick and you are not really expecting it - your balls immediately hurt intensely and your hands go down there to cup them - then within seconds the pain intensifies up into your stomach and feels as if someone has ripped your guts out through your balls and you generally have to bend over - if it is intense enough you will retch - your knees will go weak and you will double over and even fall - that intense pain lasts for several minutes and then is followed by a dull ache in your guys and soemtimes still in your balls and a desire to pluck at your balls as if you are trying to pull them out of your guts

with a lesser force kick you get the guts ache but not the same sensation in your balls themselves

if you are in a fight and all worked up you might barely register the ball shot until after the fight when it hits you in the guts

in a fight however kicking at the balls makes a guy drop his guard down towards his groin and you can follow up with some quick hard shots to his now unprotected head
An gr8 idea. have a hammer and with the full power of ur hand, do that thing on ur balls. u will get the answer immediatly. and den ur story will be more realisitic.


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