why is Penetration hard when I'm on top?!

Question: Me and my bf just started to have sex recently (we were both virgins before this) and he finds it hard to penetrate me when I'm on top. Has anyone else experienced anything like this,if so can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
When you are on top, you are in control.
Feel yourself with your fingers and then as you straddle him take his penis and ease just the tip inside you, then gently go down on it. A womans vagina doesn't go straight up, so as he enters you, lean forward slightly so his penis is pointing towards your back. If it feels uncomfortable at first just move your hips slightly and it will ease in nicely.

If this doesn't help, try rolling over with him inside you. it is a bit tricky at first but can be mastered with practice.

Other Answers:
put a pillow under his hips
Both of you just relaxe,get you partner to use his fingers first and then just be gentle with each other,and take it slowly in


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