How does a woman poop a baby out?!

Question: please answer! im might get pregnant!

Other Answers:
they don't "poop them out"
lol... lol! muahahhahahhahaha.. HAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH comes out there frontal entrance, which anyone who has sex should probably know, and.. it takes about 8 hours of pain.. and pushing. and as far as i know it sucks for women..
With all due respect.
You are an imbecile!
we dont poop babies.. it squeezez itself out of our vagina
That's a repulsive term to use to describe the miracle of childbirth.
Me--mom of 4.
ask your mom and dad..
- "you might get pregnant" Maybe you need to watch a video of what labor is really like! If you think you "poop" a baby out, you are TOO YOUNG to be making babies!
You are so dumb you dont neeed to get pregnant. Dummy.
you do not poop out a baby , apparently you have the Internet look it up and it will help you correct YOUR term of child birth !
OK first women don't poop babies out. Baby's are born through the vagina. Two your anus has nothing to do with childbearing. Three..however I have heard from some women that is kind of the same sensation as when you are defecating as when a child is being born only ten time worst and ten times painful..
Please don't get pregnant. If you think you poop a baby out I doubt you'd make a good mother.
ask your mama
my labor was 16 hours and no pain. But I am sure I did not "poop" him out.


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