How do I make my hair straight and soft ? can u suggest a home remedy?!

Wash it every day with a good shampoo and a conditioner.

Other Answers:
Ironing makes hair straight provided you know how to do it.
As far as softness is concerned use heena.
hey.. I have this problem too! my hair isnt curly, and its not straight.. its at this icky middle point! So heres what I do.. I start off by washing it with about a dime size amount of shampoo. really well. Dont use too much or it will dry your hair out (if you wash your hair everyday you can try not using shampoo!) than I use about a quarter size amount of conditioner (dont over use shampoo and conditioner i am said to have really thick hair. and thats more than enough) .. Once I have it nice and washed, and rinsed I use this stuff by neutrogena called triple moisture.. its to smooth-shine, and anti frizz your hair. you can get that at like walmart or target for a few dollars. I keep it in my shower.. and when I turn off th water, I put this stuff in my damp hair. I put about a dime size amount and spread it out.. try and not get the roots or it will look too greasy. Next.. I towel dry my hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes while I do my other daily rituals. Next I put in about a dime size of Paul Mitchell smoothing style straight works balm. and spread that through the bottom of my hair. To really pull out the curl. Than I blow dry my hair straight. Your hair is going to fall the way you blow dry it, so try holding the blow dryer above your head so that the hot air is blowing your hair down.. Once its completely dry. try flat ironing it, maybe spend a little more money on this so that its a really nice one.. Mine was a little more spendy but it was worth it. it'll keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and striaght :D
Fenugreek powder mixed in yogurt might help you.


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