if you were to lose a finger which would it be?!

Middle! it would keep me out of trouble.

Other Answers:
small one
My pinky, I don't think we really need it
My middle one, I never use it anyway.
I don't want to lose my fingers. Never.
one of yours
someone elses
I have none!
fish finger :D
My pinky, because I don't really use it for anything
The ring finger of my right hand.
pinky on my right hand. cuz i play guitar and its the one i use least. and i need my thumbs.
Yeah well, we generally use each of our fingers as such:
Thumb - to give a thumbs up in approval or thumbs down in disapproval.
Pointer - for well..pointing.
middle (rude) finger - for when we're not in a good mood.
ring finger - to wear a ring.doh.
little finger - for..NOTHING REALLY !

So I'd say if i had to get rid of a finger, it would be the little finger. All in favor give me a thumbs up.LOL !
i dont even want to think about it .

why everybody wants to lose their pinkies? its useful to dig ur nose .


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