How can you make the illusion that your muscles are bigger ((i.e.-vertical strip!

Question: I've been working out for a while now so i dont look bad, but just something to put the icing on the cake, you know?
wear a full sleeves shirt and role up the sleeves to show your whole forearms, well built forarms look incredibly attractive and are a sure sign of a worked out body, keep your top two buttons open to show a bit of your chest, stay away from vertical strips they make you look more selender as opposed to broad-chested, solid colours and whites are better and make you look strong as well as clean. Don't wear skin tight things they don't suit everyone. if you have a good body now, you will look wonderful in a full suit. Good luck with your body works

Other Answers:
Vertical stripes will actually make you look taller and thinner. Try horizontal stripes instead. (left to right). A tan will also help you to look more fit.


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