How many times is it safe to have an abortion.?!

Question: my girlfriend had abortion 4 times (3 surgical and 1 medical-using pills), she is pregnant now and i'm a little jittery if it's save. we are not ready yet to have a baby. please help.she is 22 and i am 31.
Abortions are pretty risky. Many women find themselves sterile after just one. You always run the risk of major infection and bleeding. Many other problems can be associated with abortion. Look at the source page and go down to section titled "immediate and short-term risks."

Other Answers:
you should not kill a baby if you dont want it be safe you inconsiterte jerk
taking the morning after pill should be fairly safe but if you are really serious about her you should not be encouraging her to abort at all. You are 31 and a grown man. The psychological damage of abortion is never healed and I'm surprised your girlfriend is able to live with herself after 4. Does she have a learning disability? She should get an implant after this child. If you're ready to have sex unprotected you are ready for a baby. Stop being so reckless, face your responsibility and grow up!If you really can't 'have' a baby then have it adopted but don't kill another child. You make it sound like drowning a kitten and people will judge your girlfriend even harder. You will be haunted for the rest of your lives.
you should not kill this baby or any one at all..there is such thing as adoption.i am adopted and am so suprised that you wouldnt think of adoption first...
its ya'll fault she is pregnent, so you shouldnt kill the baby. the baby didnt ask to be put inside a murderer. and if she has an abortion, that is just what it is, murder. it is not the babys fault she is pregnet, you shouldnt be so erisponsible. at least have it and give it up for adoption!
Have you ever heard of contraception, you know condoms, the pill etc. What gives you the right to kill an unborn child, do you know how many people are trying to conceive and can't. You're obviously not grown up enough to know how to use contraception so i would say until you do, keep it in your pants!!
all this "keep it in your pants" and "murderer" junk is old. fact of the matter is abortions are here to stay, PLEASE be safe, and see about getting on birth control directly having an abortion. Having multiple abortions may harm her chances of having a safe pregnancy in the future.


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