I have a serious disease, when is it a good time to tell the person you're datin!

Question: In the past I've always been up front about what I've.As usasul after I tell them, they come up with a lie to get out of the relationship or just don't call anymore.If I don't tell them about what I have I could go to jail for it. So naturally I tell them, besides the fact( I personally feel they have a right to know and have that choice).I mean I didn't ask for what I have, but it shouldn't be held against me either. I've had boyfriends in the past, but they turned out to be users or cheaters. I do have two kids and they are a blessing from God. No, they don't have it. But to be rejected for being honest is not fair and it hurts alot. Now I'm getting to the point to where I might as well just go to work and go home to stay. Or tell the men that comes in my life that I'm gay. Just to keep from getting hurt. Yes, I've tried talking to someone like me, but of course his ex comes back in his life.
To be fair to the other person, I would tell them as soon as possible so that you are not left wondering what might happen if you start to develop something and it becomes more and more difficult to tell the other person the more involved you get.

EVERYONE deserves to be loved for who they are, and the fact you have a disease doesn't change that. You are a person, not a label - there are people out there who will love you for your personality and who you are, above and beyond the illness. You may well be surprised how compassionate and open-minded people can be.

And to add to what Kuraig put up earlier - yes, ok, some people might consider someone who falls in love with a person with a serious disease as being "not in their right mind".

I would consider the person who can see past someones physical health as being the one who deserves your love and affection. Don't give up.

Other Answers:
need more information what disease?
how contagious? how deadly?

probably the best time would be to tell them on the first or second date, before any physical intimacy. probably half way to three quarters of the way through dinner. by this time I would reckon that you would know if you want to see more of this person or want to start a relationship with them.

and if the disease is AIDS then of course no one in there right mind would continue dating you.
you date people with the purpose of meeting someone that you might wish to marry and start a family with. most people wouldn't marry someone who physical intimacy with ends with a death sentence. unless they plan on being totaly celibate and adopting children.

so sorry but if the disease has the potential to kill your mate you are out of luck with the sane people.
Well, it's better to know sooner than later what the outcome of telling them is going to be. So tell them as soon as possible; it gives them the choice to be heartless b's and get out straight away in which case good riddance, and it gives you the choice of telling them how much you appreciate it if they do stick around.
you want to tell the other person as soon as possible before the feelings you share get to overwhelming, afterall you dont want to add stress to you or your relationship
Your best bet would be to sit the guy down and just be up front. Your best bet for meeting someone might be to attend support groups for your distease, you will find more understanding people there. Good luck.
Really depends on the disease in my opinion. STDs are no good unless you're really, really attractive. Serious diseases have a wide spectrum. Is it terminal? You going to die from it? If it's contagious, then can you really blame someone for wanting to keep their distance?
Well obviously if it is something that can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, he needs to be told before hand. If you find someone that is worth keeping, who will wait to have sex with you until your relationship is more established, and you both can get to know one another for who you really are, then you tell him. If hes Worth anything he'll stay with you no matter what.
First off, you do not have to say what you have..second, there are websites I know somewhere out there look on google, there are support groups for every type of desease and maybe you can find the right one, there are many who are afraid of what you feel, it will be ok luv..there are still kind people out there. anyway the support groups have people in them needing what you need LOVE
HIV/AIDS Hep C are very contagious diseases the boyfriend has to be told on the first date. Before the intimacy gets started.
My girlfriend told me in l991 that she had HIV and was taking the pills and such and we battled that and me by her side as much as we could and to this day, she has no problems with anything, the blood counts are where they shuld be and not always do you end up with aids. There are marvelous drugs out there now. but do tell the fellow and he can make up his own mind.


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