is it ok to do exercise when you have a cold, no fever, just the sniffles?!

Question: I have the sniffles, feel a bit under the weather, but want to go exercise.
no harm

Other Answers:
Yes. Actually it will boost your immune system.
yes its fine. actually u will feel lot better after exercising. you will also recover faster from cold.
yeah i heard it's good for you..
yeah, it'll help you.
provided you exercise sensibly and do not exhaust yourself it will actually speed your recovery. Remember to drink plenty of fluids as the cold can dehydrate you more quickly than usual.
personal experience as well as professional experience of 16 years as a doctor.
Of course it is.
it is most definitely ok to exercise when you have a cold, in fact exercise is counted as remedy
It's OK to exercise while you have a cold bug, providing that it's a mild cold and you exercise moderately. As long as you don't overdo it, a little exercise probably won't make you feel worse, and, some medical experts say it might even make you feel better. Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids.
It should be fine, as long as it's not a chest cold. With a chest cold, it's better to rest. Breathing heavily from getting out of breath while exercising can make chest congestion worse.
A good rule I've read and follow is: If it's in your head, get out of bed. If it's in your chest, take a rest.

ALthough, I hate sitting around so if I can get out of bed, I'm on the bike.
Of course, it'll make you feel a lot better!


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