Is there something that can make it hurt less to get blood drawn?!

Question: I have to get blood drawn for testing because I have surgery on Friday, and I'm a terrible wuss. I want to know if there's something anyone has done in the past to make it hurt less?
Think about a colonoscopy

Other Answers:
don't think about it.
You should think about something that you really like
just dont look at your arm while their doing it that works for me
Topical anesthetics (on the skin as opposed to something you eat because anything you eat will interfere with your test).

Also, relax the muscle, being tensing makes it hurt more.

Ask someone to pressure another of your body parts simultaneously as a distraction and.

good luck!
butch up
Pinch a different area like your stomach or something and don't look at the needle.
its never hurt me. just don't look at the needle
I know this is easier said than done but.relax!

When you get nervous, your muscles tense up. The more tense the muscles are, the more the shot hurts.

Go ahead and tell the technician that you are really afraid of needles. Most will be sure to be extra gentle. For me, the sight of the needle is what makes me really tense up. I always tell the technician that I"m really afraid of needles and that I'm going to close my eyes until the needle goes in. Since I've been doing that, I've had very few shots that actually hurt.
Ask them to put some numbing cream on it. They do this for children getting a shot.
The key is for you to ask them for their best(lab Tech).

A good lab tech is what makes the difference. and if they know what they are doing, you should barely feel it..
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Well, being a nurse i would tell u that u should try not thinking about it b/c it only hurts at first when the needle goes in, and after that its a piece of cake, especially if the person doing it is good and gentle. so trying to physically relax your body is the best thing u can do b/c if u tense up it will hurt more.
give yourself paper cuts in the web of your fingers and squeeze a lemon .. guarantee you won't think about that needle at all lol.
I couldn't tell ya i've never been bothered by needles especially after getting a tattoo done on my chest holy mother $%*#er that sucks
Only a competant "blood-drawer" can do that. I had blood samples taken from me for testing purposes and i was terrified but the guy was so quick, he took 4 big test tubes full of blood in about 8 seconds and i didn't feel a thing. Ask for someone with experience in drawing blood or ask someone to hurt u elsewhere to distract u from the potential pain of the needle. Good luck!
i would have to say yes there is having s baby is one of the worst pains imagine 17 hrs of really bad pain lol
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Don't watch and don't think about it. I've found this works well with IV's, which have about the same size needle as they use for drawing blood. And if it's done right, it might not even hurt except for the initial sting. Good luck:)
If you really want to like like a cry baby, ask them to use some Emla on the skin a few mins beforehand. It's a local anaesthetic cream they use on children before they get a shot.
It is one tiny needle prick. It barely hurts at all. Just look away & focus your vision on something else.
Stop being such a baby.
If you're having surgery, imagine how invasive that's going to be. A little needle is nothing compared to that.
Stop being a wuss. Nobody likes a baby.


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