does anyone know how long does a blister in your mouth is supposed to last?!

A canker sore? There are medications you can buy to help it to heal faster. OR,you can use my dad's old recipe of salt and warm water. Swish it around and spit it out. The salt helps it to dry up and go away.

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Probably, it's not a blister, its a kanker sore. they will usually go away in a few days. if not, maybe see a doctor. if its really a blister, thats weird, and i have no idea
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Another Cold Sore. Why Me?

Cold sore or fever blister. It's all the same. Using ClearLipz.
Good Luck
I'm not sure how long a blister normally lasts but if you can get your hands on some vegemite from Australia i know it will heal really quickly. IF not salty water is supposed to be pretty good too. Good Luck
If it lasts more than two weeks, go see a dentist.
it should go away in 12-14 days. Seems like a very long time when you are in pain


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