what is the rationale of cough in tuberculosis?!

Tuberculosis is an infection that starts in the lungs and spreads to other body organs. It is highly contagious and may spread quickly among families, friends, or work associates. It is a disease more common in elderly people or those with Aids. If not treated, tuberculosis may be a very serious illness. The bacteria that causes tuberculosis are spread in the air from person to person by coughing and/or sneezing. The cough is from the irritation of the lungs. The disease presents different symptoms in different people. Some people present with sudden high fevers, sore throat, and cough. Others may feel tired and have general body aches, night sweats, and low grade fevers for months. Tuberculosis always affects the lungs but can infect any part of the body; symptoms may depend on the part of your body that is infected. The cough is a given and I'm unsure if rationale is the correct word because the only answer is - TB attacks the lungs producing the effects of coughing, sore throat, and sneezing which release airborne droplets causing others to be infected.

Other Answers:
although you can probably find as much or more information by looking it up on the internet,
the bacillus infection causes irritaiton to the small air sacs in the lungs causing the cough. its also spread that way.


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