do you think beauty is very important?!

Beauty isn't very important. Taking care of yourself is more important I think. You need to be proud of and feel good about yourself and I think that will bring you true beauty. If anyone tells you that you're not pretty enough or beautiful enough, that's not the kind of person you need to be around. If they think beauty is more important than anything else, then that's not someone you to stay around.

Other Answers:
Inner beauty - yes. Other beauty is just a sum of what's popular at the moment and the opinion of who's looking.
A persons inner beauty is extremely important and outer beauty definatley helps things too.
yes because that determines whether you give a person a plus and a + on sex appeal too!
absolutly,but its who you are not what decorates the outside
yes but its not that uncommon
Beauty is important, but beauty is not only external, or internal, either, your life and surroundings shape your beauty, and you theirs.
beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I can see someone with bad skin or bad teeth, but if they are kind to me, that shines through. I've also known people who were very physically attractive but were jerks and it made them ugly.
Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes right to the bone. Outer beauty fades in time but the inner beauty lives on the inside and becomes a part of you. Be kind, considerate of others and love you for you and not what others appear to think of you. Keep a smile on your face and you are always beautiful. Thank you for your question.
No but it helps.
If you mean beauty in people and physical attraction, yes, in that it is what first catches our eye. But there has to be beauty of spirit to keep us attracted. If you mean beauty of surroundings, yes, I think that living in ugly surroundings can depress your spirit and even kill your spirit. I used to tell my children, "nothing good will ever happen to you in an ugly room".
It's important, but not more important than who u r.
A beautiful mind is by far better than a beautiful body.
Body will get old and look like hell someday.
When beautiful mind will shine with all it's glory.
The Lord is beautiful and He loves beauty!
First of all, the very fact that the human nature likes beauty itself shows how important it is. However, beauty is not only skin-deep. External and physical beauty is only the lowest form of beauty and it is sad how many superficial minds get caught and stuck on that level only. But if we just allow our soul and eyes to expand, we will see much more beauty and satisfaction in a sincere smile (even if it is toothless!), a word kept, a selfless service, purity and innocence. than just in a face or body. Nature too is beautiful. In short, the best proof for the importance of beauty is that it is universally appreciated and aspired.:)
that's a very vague question. i have seen people and thought wow that is creepy. then i got to know that person and they were the most beautiful person i'd ever met. so in my opinion a beautiful personality is very important. i also know beautiful people who now repulse me at there sight only because of their grotesque personality/attitude.


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