what are some good makeup shades or brands with people with really i mean really!

Question: and if u want to know how whit i am i get burned within 15-30 mins
Beauticontrol has a full line of products that can help you with your fair skin tone and help not to burn as easily.ask me if you need any help.

Other Answers:
you need pail pinks and pastel colours.nothing dark and browns can make your skin look dirty so make sure you use a porcelain coloured foundation
mac is a great brand of makeup
or if your looking for a cheaper kind
maybelline, covergirl, rimmel, and revlon are also great
Mary Kay is # 1 and has been for 15 years!
have you tried bare escentuals..? it's good for me that is..but yea good luck on makeup searching for fair skin ..
Revlon - they stock Ivory in powder and foundation. I get burned in 5mins! :)

Nars Orgasm is nice blush shade - pinky/peach
Maybelline Wetfusion lipgloss in Honey Glazed is great colour
Revlon eyeshadow - "In the Buff"
I'd use a daily mosturizer oil of olay is the only one coming straight to mind that has sun protection or sunblock to it before applying makeup.
I think the Nutrogena lines have this as well.
Some foundations have a level of sun protection as well.
Read the print and be choosey.
MAC baby all the way. Dont compromise your face make up because of the price it's the most important of all make-up
Clinique is great for all skin types and tones. Foundation prices range from $19.50 to $22.50, but they are all allergy tested and fragrance free.
I am also very fair-skinned and I use Aveda foundation and makeup (and hair products etc). They not only have a wide range of shades but it's also a very environmentally-conscious company. Their products are all natural (and therefore much better for your skin). See the link below for the corporate website and then find a location near you. :) As for shades -- it will depend on the actual tone of your skin. If you go to an Aveda salon, there will likely be a makeup expert there that can help you find colors that will enhance, not overpower your natural beauty. Good luck.


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