I pee too much, why is that?!

Question: Some times I pee like crazy. 3 times before being able to sleep and without drinking extra water!
I'm an occasional smoker as well, but I piss too much whether smoking or no.
Is smoking related to this? Or what could it be?
every1 pees different amounts. I can go 5 times in 1 hour.

Other Answers:
smoking has nothing to do with it .you must have weak kidneys ,get it checked with a doktor
YES stop smoking IMMEDIATELY!
That is one of the signs/symptoms of diabetes. Get it checked out. Undiagnosed diabetes can kill you.
There are many things that control how much urine is produced and why we urinate so much. Caffeine has a large effect on urination. It could be a problem with your kidneys. When was the last time you actually saw your doctor? If it has been a long time it would be a good idea to see them. How long has this condition been going on? If it has been for a while it wuold be best to be seen by your doctor as there are diseases that can cause this also.
Smoking has nothing to do with it. The first sign of Diabetes is frequent urination and hunger. It tends to run in families. Do several members of your family have it? It doesn't matter if they do or not, see a doctor ASAP. This is a very serious condition that cannot be ignored without the possibility of blindness or kidney failure. Heart disease is increased with Diabetes. If you are caught very early, you might just have to control your diet and not have to go on meds. Low blood sugar and high blood sugar both have their effects of becoming lightheaded or becoming unconscious if it becomes too low or too high.
Nurse 30 years
You may have become Diabetic.

You NEED to get your self checked out for that ASAP.

In my case I was peeing frequently at night and I was having kidney failure. The kidneys were working overtime to rid the body of fluid and poisons and they were at it 24 hours a day never really resting like they should.

If it turns out you have diabetes you NEED to quit smoking. Your life with diabetes and cigarettes will be short and painful and eventually missing fingers and toes.

If you are just lucky and don't have the diabetic problems you may just be drinking a diuretic like lemonade, iced tea, or coffee. Which is making you pee so frequently.
u drink,u pee


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