how can I get rid of "back flab?" It's not much, but noticable?!

Question: is there anything that can be done without taking diet pills?
The only way to lose fat in one spot is to lose it everywhere. if you were to lose fat in only one area. It would be unproportioned and you would look awkward.

here is a good routine for losing weight, but remember this is a sample routine and you would need to change it up a bit.


Leg Press 2x12
Chest Press 2x12
Lat pull down 2x12
Shoulder Press 2x12
DB Curl 2x12
Tricep kickback 2x12
Aerobic Work 30 or more minutes.

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Aerobic work 30 or more minutes of aerobic exercise.

Same as Monday.

Same as Monday, or take a day of rest.

Same as Monday.

If you need more info on weight loss, contact me and i will help you out. =]

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