Does nicorette gum help?!

Question: I have been chewing tobacco since i was 16 and i want to quit but everything i try to do just leads me back to chewing. Does nicorette actually help? if so then how much does it cost a box?
Yes, it does work, although some people find that they need to chew it a bit more frequently than the package suggests. One big problem is that people want to ration the gum; you should take it as often as necessary according to the package direction.

I don't know the cost. The Nicorette website says that over 12 weeks it costs the same as 1 to 2 packages of cigarettes per day.

Other Answers:
Just quit smoking.
just suck on a lot of jolly ranchers
My sister loves it. She enjoys the buzz with her cigarettes. I don't think she'll ever quit smoking until she wants to quit smoking.
im not sure but i know somebody that got hypnotized for $135 dollars and it worked
own sources
yes my mom chewed the gum and it helped her quit smoking she smoked for 10 yrs
I chewed for a bit, but then stopped when they found pre-cancerous tumors. Go with the patches and sunflower seeds. Costs about $12-$18 depending on where you shop.
yess also check with the cancer society will have tips and aides to assist in the quiting process im off cigs since 1983
I chewed and it is the hardest thing to quit. Get some mouth cancer pictures and put them up everywhere you will see them. That helps. Plain gum helps too.
if you are ready and i mean REALLY ready you can quit on your own,i smoked for 6 years and then i just knew it was over and i quit cold turkey you just need the willpower,nicorette gum is crap
The gum worked after smoking for 40 years it's about $20.
dont waste money on nicorte gum. Either buy mints and/or minty gum. Also just when you get the urge to chew, eat a carrot or grapes it worked for me and trust me you dont want to die. if that dosnt work search for ideas on the internet. But deffinetly those niccorete crap dosnt work and the stickers.. How does a sticker help ( idont know) anyways just STOP SMOKING! ok see ya! but i guess the nicorette gum is worth a try if the other things dont work.

Sasa :p
I don't recomend substitutes, though for some it does work.
Didn't know anyone still chewed tobacco, craving must be same for smoking, so here goes..

With me the only way I could stop was cold turkey. I had to first decide that was what I wanted to do, then I found the best place to stop was before buying . It was never easy. There were many nights in the beginning that I ended up riding to the servo for more supplies . Until i decided that the remaing supply had to be thrown away after
satisfying the initial craving.. then the midnight rides becamne less and less until finally I havent had a smoke in 5 yearas..
My husband says it worked for him, but I tried it once and it made me sick. I have heard about several diffrent methods but I heard Wellbutron Medicine helps.


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