whats this mean?!

Question: if one use to be an addict and is dreaming of smoking and would proly smoke some if she or he could find some does this mean there's an addiction or is it just something that person needs to do one last time! talkin about marijuana! what do you think it means. addiction or not?
I believe you are talking about returning to your old habits. This is very dangerous for an ex-addict. If you were successfully treated for your addiction, you would know that if you smoked "one last time", It would be deceiving yourself. You know there is no one last time for you, it's never again. if it was a problem for you before it will be the same now. The addict surrenders to the behavior, and nothing takes preference over it. IF, yes if, you are clean. The only thing you can do is say no. Would you want to take the chance that you would wreck you life? Good luck my friend. If you need help it's out there.

Other Answers:
It is an addiction. And once an addict, always an addict, although an addict might not be indulging in the addiction.
Most likely.
yeah.addiction. But, at least you know they're not smoking anymore or they wouldn't remember there dreams.
an addiction get some help!
Definitely Addiction.
An addiction
It's a longing for the smoke.
I'm afraid if you have even one that you will start back as a regular habit. I used to smoke tobacco and I can tell you that I still have a craving occasionally but not as much as at the beginning. It gets better and eventually the cravings will diminish.
addiction cuz maybe he kept on telling his self that was the last but never stop
Once an addict, always an addict.
ur still addicted. over time u become unaddicted but at the moment your addicted theres no one alst time.
If you tend to have an addictive personality, then yes it could be a sign that you have the potential to become addicted to Marijuana, if given the opportunity. Or you are so fixated on one last fix that you are dreaming about it. It all depends on how psychologically dependent your personality is.
Marijuana is not addictive..I think you're just talking about a habit..I think you should just decide to stay away from it.and be done with it.
addiction!! smoking is very hard to stop
There is no just doing it one last time. You either quit or you don't. So it is an addiction. He needs to stay away from it if he intends to stay clean.
There is NO question that you can be addicted to marijuanna. I've been there. It isn't the same intensity, nor does it have the same withdrawal symptoms as, say, heroin, but you can still be addicted. I used to have using dreams after I quit. They mostly went away after my body got clean. To stay away from drugs, I got involved in Narcotics Anonymous. 'Course, I wanted to stop using . it was f**king up my life. I don't think that a using dream is an indication that you just need to do it one last time. What happens when you have another dream like that? Will you just continue using just "one last time?"


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