What do you do about flamming hemrroids & constipation?!

Question: I am currently on a medication causing constipation and taking iron. My hemrroids are re-occuring and I have used preperation H but have received no relief. Please help!
Eat more fiber.

Other Answers:
see a doctor
tucks pads and prune juice or try colace it's a stool softener and very mild
Try Metamucil. It's all-natural and works very well.
get a stool softener. like dulcolax.
Sit in warm water in the bathtub. You can use Charmin wet wipes every time you use the bathroom. Make sure you get plenty of fiber.
I had these when I had my surgery a year ago. I took sitz baths and also used witch hazel ( which you can put on a cotton ball and dab on the hemrroids) this is something my grandmother does all the time when she gets these, it soothes then so they don't itch
Have you consulted a gastroenterologist? If not, then maybe you should consider consulting one. If you have then you should ask them about cutting the hemorrhoids whether they be internal or external. It's a bit painful for a few days maybe even a week or so and the chance of them coming back is about 50/50. Also there is a special all natural cream that is supposed to work great for hemorrhoids. It's called ZENMED ZIRO Hemorrhoidal Treatment. I pasted the website below for you. As far as constipation goes you can drink a bottle of magnesium sulfate which is an all natural laxative, which you can pick up at your local pharmacy or Wal-Mart for about $1.19. It tastes like pure crap but I've heard good stories about how much it has helped many people.
there are and in heritage factor in the hemorrhoid's apparition(this could be internal or external)..but
always are environmental factor,constipation is the
enemy number one that allow the inflammatory process of this veins.Is very important to prevent this pathology:with diet rich in cellulose(vegetables,fruits,gr.
diet low in alcohol,spice & chocolat, is good ingesstion
of lot of liquid,avoid to stay a lot of time araise,not sedentary life..,when you lay down put a pillow down your legs and remember: excercise,excercise...... and....by last sitdown in warm water one or two times/day and topically put hidrocortisone cream/supositories...the last option to treat this syndrom is surgical.


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