are all women manipulator's?!

all women "manipulate" to a certain degree. for example I do not feel that I am an extreme manipulator. I prefer to think of myself as a "motivator". In all honesty, a lot of men do need a little pushing once in a while.

Other Answers:
No. And I have found just as many men who like to manipulate. I refuse to play those games anymore...
manipulators. Yes unless they are womanipulators.
no sirrrr.
HEY! who you calling a manipulator? If you don't succumb to me than heck yes I will manipulate you. :)
No. There are manipulators of both sexes. It is more expected of women, however, because of stereotypes.
No, I think there are both, guys and girls!
Everyone is. Men do a great deal of manipulating to get what they want from a woman, and women manipulate men, kids manipulate parents, government manipulates society, and so on.


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