what can i do?!

Question: I think that i am pretty sick but i can't afford $80+ just to be seen by a doctor and then pay for tests and treatment on top of that, what can i do?
going to the doctor and finding out what it is,is way better then it getting worse and dying!

Other Answers:
just try and wait it out i guess. althogh you really cant put a pricetag on your health
If you are very sick and really need some meds, then ask family/friends to loan you the money and you can pay them back eventually. If it's just a cold or something, then just take some tylenol cold and get a lot of rest. I don't usually go to the doctor unless something is seriously wrong, and usually over the counter meds can help with any illness.
go to the emergancy room and they will take care of you there and bill you later..you can make payment arrangements if you cant afford to pay it all at once.if your sick get treatment..dont not take care of yourself because you have no health insurance.good luck and feel better
Ask your Doctor if he/she can give you samples and direct you to an agency that helps people in your condition.
apply for free care you can be eligable depends on income go to hosp and ask for free care or goto your laocal welfare office and apply for medical assistance you cant be denied are you a mass resident if not ask doc about free care it is your right or tell them to bill you you hv no insurance you as a u,s,citzen do not hv to pay medical bills you can work out arraingements mo payments it does not hurt your credit report if you do not pay med bills//


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