If you knew you were dying, what would your last words be?!

i don't wanna DIEEEEE! WAAAAAAAA lord can i just stay? i love you all-whatever happens remember me! i love you mom more than anything thank you for everything-please live your life as you want to and be happy!, dad i hate you, grandpa i love you, cousin i love you, teachers thank you, friends thank you for being there-sharing my thoughts, god forgive me my sins.

Other Answers:
Thank you for letting me be alive here for the short time I have been given to exist.
No words. Just a smile.
Lord, forgive me for I have sinned, and thank you for your grace, my husband and family my beloved pets and my friends, please watch over them all the more since I won't be here to do it anymore. See you all up there! =)Don't cry, I will see you again.
unending/unwavering faith in God
I would would make sure I told my 3 kids and wonderful hubby how much I love them and do whatever makes you happy.


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