did you know circumcision goes against the UN Convention on the Rights of the Ch!

Question: Link 1) "Male Circumcision and the Rights of the Child"


Link 2) "The Bioethics of the Circumcision of Male Children"


Link 3) "2002 Royal Australasian College of Physicians Position"


Specific quote: "After extensive review of the literature the RACP reaffirms that there is no medical indication for routine male circumcision. The possibility that routine circumcision may contravene human rights has been raised because circumcision is performed on a minor and is without proven medical benefit. . . . Review of the literature in relation to risks and benefits shows there is no evidence of benefit outweighing harm for circumcision as a routine procedure."

What do you think about this? Is the question of circumcision contravening the rights of the child a viable avenue for furthering the cause of anti-circumcision campaigners? Why or why not?
So it should. It is an abuse of a child. There is no excuse for it and no place for it in a civilized country.

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I'm against circumsising a baby. They don't use any pain killer and just cut away while the baby is crying. They say that the baby stops crying soon afterwards, but it bleeds a good amount and it's sore. It's a bunch of bullshitt when others say that a baby doesnt experience pain or know what pain is.
Informative & I've watched it done as a nurse & it seems very cruel to me.thanks for the enlightenment. ♥
I would go either way. If you let a child choose when it is older if it wants circumsized, then they wont want it done, when they see the procedure. But if you let a child go with out circumcision it can have problems with its penis later in life. It would also be painful during sex if it is not circumsized.
I'm a nurse
I can tell you that the men I've known who've been circumcised are fine. We had both of our sons circumcised and they've had no ill effects. My second husband was circumcised as an adult and has found it to be beneficial. He wishes his parents had had it done when he was an infant. For me and my first husband it was our preference and our sons have not suffered one jot because of it. My first husband was not circumcised, second is. As a woman I prefer a circumcised penis over not. And circumcision has absolutely no effect on their ability to "perform." Unlike clitoral circumcision practiced in some countries on little girls. Now that's abuse!


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