Why is physical fitness important to the human body?How does physical exercise h!

Question: Please explain to me in full detail and please include all websites if you know of any. Thanks!
Moderate exercise (talking about all kind - aerobical, strength, flexibility) helps to keep healthy weight, enhances cardiovascular performance, increases bone density, helps not to lose muscle mass with age, helps with glucose regulation, lowers "bad" cholesterol, enhances brain function etc, enhances natural anti-free radical defense etc.
Very strenuous exercise (at the level of profesional athletes) is, however, harmful. It makes joints wear off too fast, makes arteries too pliable, so blood pressure is not sufficient to ensure normal circulation in the brain in the upright position. Most importantly, it keeps the body in the state of high aerobic metabolism, so a lot of free radicals are produced and more oxidative damage is done to cells. It translates into various health problems later in life.
Of course, if sports is not your career, you are far away from this level. Just don't go into extremes - too sedentary or super active lifestyle are not beneficial.

Other Answers:
I exercise routinely for several reasons:
1)toning up and body strength/endurance/stamina
2)having had several surgeries/broken bones on joints, and
stress points on my body, it keeps me more limber, and
helps with arthritis in these areas.
3)use common sense--I must have non-impact workouts, which
means I work with weight-resistance machines (think bow
flex divided amongst 9 work stations). Never over-strain-
exercise to maintain and improve your health.
At almost age 50 I still can touch my palms to the flat to the floor..only with exercise would I be able to still do this!


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