what is the treatment of kelloids?!

It is difficult, if not impossible, to remove keloids completely. Cutting them out, though tempting, is not a good idea. Doing so often results in another keloid and sometimes a larger one.
Treatment methods include:
Injections of cortisone -- Safe and not very painful, injections of cortisone given once a month can significantly flatten keloids, especially small ones of recent onset.
Surgery -- Surgery, as we've said, can be counterproductive and accomplish little or nothing except to cause a second keloid to form.
Surgery plus injections of cortisone -- Some doctors cut keloids out and inject the healing site to help prevent recurrences.
Laser -- Other doctors may treat keloids with lasers. Lasers may lessen the redness but, unfortunately, they do little or nothing to the bulk of the keloid.
Laser plus injections of cortisone -- Still other doctors may zapp the keloids with lasers and then inject the site.
Cryosurgery -- Freezing keloids with liquid nitrogen may flatten them, although sometimes this method produces discoloration of the skin.
Silicone sheeting -- For reasons that are not clear, applying a silicone sheet (which is available in pharmacies without a prescription) nightly for several months can gradually and safely minimize some keloids. Persevering with this routine can, however, be difficult.
Compression -- Long-term compression of keloids with pressure bandages can help soften them, too.

Other Answers:
Some people have to have them frozen or burned off
massage therapy and scar treatment gels/pads (ask doc about cicacare)


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