i have pain in my left testicle and sometimes it swells.what do you think it cou!

Question: sometimes i feel slight pain in my abdomen and sometimes i feel like if i have to urinate
dont waste time dear go get a doctor it might be a bad sign have it check!goodluck!

Other Answers:
get tested
hernia maybe. Did you strain recently lifting something? Bro in law was lifting logs, lifted too big of one, and he had to have a hernia operation. It's possible the lumps are your intestines hanging down into your scrotum. I'd get to a doctor real soon.
Not to panic!.. it can be a strain caused by exertion or unusual movement, it could also be an inflamation of the cord that attaches to the testicle (epeditimitis) this can be caused an old cold, irritation, or edven sexual activity.
there may be cause for infection.in which case you should get a broad based antibiotic and follow with a pro biotic.
i think you have chinese sickness Wan Hung Lo
could be a [hernia]. but you really need to see a.dr. on this matter better safe that sorry in my opion ?
I think it just due to your movement or your pant is to tight. About the left testicle that swells, it's normal if the left testicle is bigger than the right one.
About the pain in your abdomen, Is it related with your left testicle pain? If yes, check to the doctor immediately, it might be hernia.


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