"Health is wealh"-do u guys agree with this statement?If yes.then y?if!

If you have wealth but no health, what do you have? Think of when you've been the sickest, flu, whatever. Did you feel like moving or talking to anyone? Imagine having a million dollars in the bank on that day, would you really care or simply hope you felt normal again? (should take my own advice :))

Other Answers:
Yes. You can have a ton of money, but if you're sick, what fun is it? Of course, if you have great health and no money, that isn't too cool, either. I think you certainly need a certain basic amount of money to take care of necessities plus some frivolous stuff. But assuming that is true, then good health is worth a lot. Truly it is.
True. The better you can eat. Healthy food tends to cost a bit more than fast or microwavable foods.


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