one of my fingernails has turned black after having the door slammed on it?!

Question: people say to get the dry blood out..any painless suggestions? and others say it will fall off..its only black at the bottom half, so how long do u think it will take before it falls off?
If the nail is still connected to the finger do not try to remove it.

All you have is the equivalent of a bruise but on your nail. Most of the blood will be absorbed back into your finger and any that is left will grow out with the nail - it won't look very pretty but should be painless.

If the nail is hanging off go and see a medical professional - They will make a call as to whether it is best to remove, some or all of, the nail and will do it such a way so as to not to cause infection.

If you try to do this yourself you could also end up changing the growth pattern of the nail and end up with an ingrown finger nail.

Other Answers:
you could just try ripping it off. If the whole thing turns black then it will come off rather easily.
Ouch! Something like that happened to my toenail once!

I had to go to the doctor and they like- cut it. Apparently they could have used a hot metal thing but instead they used scissor-like things. It was horrible.

It probably will fall off- keep it covered if it does!
Please go to the doctor! See what he says then do it! I hope you're okay. Ouch! That sounds painful!
the same thing happend to me, soak it in cold water! that helped me 2!
Hmm.. This happened to my big toe nail before. I dropped a bench on it (they were bleachers that you could fold to close down..). I waited about 2-3 months for it to fall off. Just wait for it to fall off. It's too painful to rip out yourself. I tried, and I couldnt bear the pain. It will rip out eventually and unexpectedly, so it's best to wait.
Leave it alone. Do not try to get any blood out as you may cause further pain and infection. It will take a few months to grow out, just bear with it and leave it alone. I had one that didn't fall off at all, a new one just grew in an it moved up until it was gone. So just let it run it's course.
u killed ur nerves im not joking


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