Is there a faster way to straighten teeth with out braces.?!

Question: if so how much would it cost?
Cosmetic veneers are quick (about two weeks) but may not solve issues such as overcrowding or misaligned bite.

Consider Invisalign wireless braces. It usually takes less time than traditional orthodontics and should cost less in most areas.

Other Answers:
Hammer, chizel, and a little elbow grease.

Hammer: about 5 bucks at Target.
Chizel: about 4 bucks at Target.
Elbow Grease: always free and donated by yourself.
Depends on how old you are. For some adult patients that dont want to go for braces,depending on the case,we could do a cosmetic rebuild.This can be done in certain cases depending on the mal-allignment. Braces doesn't only correct the allignment but also the occlusion ie how the teeth relate to each other.


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