I have a thyroid problem (details below). Pls suggest medication?!

Question: Latest reports revela that I have Triiodthyroinin (T3) level of 32 ug/ml, Thyroxine (T4) level of 1.3 ug/dl, and Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH) 64.6 uIU/ml.

Problems: over weight (95 kg), breathing inconvenienec and high blood pressure (in the range 150 /120 to 120/90)

Medicines using: THYRONRM -50 and RAMISTAR-H5

I had anemia in 1996 and 2004 and got cured with medication. I have normal level of HB count at present without medicines.
But the Dcotor now opines that thyroid could have been the root cause for the anemia too. No one detected thyroid previously.

I would be grateful if anyone suugests proper medication for my problem. Thanks in advance.

Male, age 44 years
It sounds like you have hypothyroidism (your body doesn't produce enough T4). Thyronorm is a replacement for T4. That is probably why your T3 is low and TSH is high but T4 is mostly normal. It sounds to me, based on this information, like you need to increase your Thyronorm dose. Discuss it with your doctor and see if he agrees before you make any medication changes.

Other Answers:
Ravi, i am not a doctor but i have had a underactive thyroid for 19 years, thyroxine is the medicine i take 2 tabs and the symptoms of my underactive thyroid are tiredness, lethargic , overweight, cold or hot etc.


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