How do I know if I really did tear a ligament?!

Question: My right foot has been swollen slightly for the past few days. It hurts when I touch it. It's light pink and when I walk it pains.

It's on the top part of my foot.

How do I know for sure what's wrong with it without going to the doctor?

And what could've caused it?
Chances are you didn't tear a ligament. If you tore a ligament there would be little pain your foot would be very loose. It sounds as if you have sprained it or that it may be bruised. If you were hit on the top part of your foot it may be bruised. If you were playing baseball or basketball and fell on it wrong you may have a sprain. If you can't remember and it is continually getting worse you may have been bitten by a spider or some other creature. If ice doesn't make the swellen go down, definitely go to the doctor after a day.

Good Luck


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Ahem. so yeah, it depends what you did to hurt your foot. If you just over-worked it, then you just need rest.
If you somehow cut yourself or scratched or something, it could be infected, and you should soak it in salt water.
If you banged it on something, you cant really tell the damage until the swelling goes down, so just give it a some time and go easy on it either way.
If it still hurts after a week, then you might want to ask a physician.


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