how much does a girl bleed when she losses her virginity?!

They die. Just kidding.

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Not Much at All.
vaginal or anaІ virginity?
itll stain the sheets and cover his penis, so you better tell him or he will think you are on the rag
Not too much actually.but its disgusting!
Not too much
Not always. Every woman has something called a hymen, which is a thin layer of tissue covering or partially covering the vaginal opening. Sometimes when a woman first has sex the hymen breaks causing a little bit of blood flow. Some women's hymen's are so thin, or already broken by tampons that they don't bleed at all.
just a little blood, not as so much as when ments.
from my own personal experience.
i didnt bleed much at all. it is probably comparable to a half oz. however the pain was the bad part.
it's not much blood you lose than, it seems like you have had a little period, just a minute or so. but your hymen can be already broken or maybe you don't have one at all. when you practice ballet or gym or so, the chance that it is already broken is real.
MD in spe
bleeding while having sex for the first time or losing virginity is due to the break of the hymen(thin fold of skin partially covering the vaginal opening) the amount of blood varies form one individual to another, but of course excessive bleeding is abnormal,
Some people dont at all. Its not very much dont worry


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