is using a starimaster a good cardio workout?!

Oh, yes! Very much so. You'll feel it if you've ever been on one. It takes awhile to get the stamina to stay on for a long time, but you eventually get used to it :)

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The act of using stairs as a workout is very effective. However why don't you just try going to a building with multiple floors and walking up and down them repeatedly. I work in a 18 floor building and sometimes during the summer I will not use the elevator and get to my 18th floor office using stairs only. It makes for a great workout!

You'll definitely notice results and burn in your legs, thighs, hips, butt, and lower back. Combining this exercerise with small hand weights will be very effective as well! Have fun!
stair stepping stan
In my opinion it the best cardio mechine in the gym.


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