my mouth problems?!

Question: my doc said i have a cancker soar and that why my tounge is turning whie so he gave me a mouthwash.

Also how can i change my gums from little red to pink and my teeth from grayish yellow to good color?
Well, if the doctor gave you a mouthwash that'll cure the canker sore, it will clear the inflammation in your gums also. As for whitening your teeth, wait until your mouth is healed. Then you could, use bleach on a Q-tip. Swab the enamel only, wait 30 seconds then rinse your mouth a couple of times and brush as normal.

Other Answers:
That is GROSS.
seamon. Lots and lots of seamon.
Stop smoking.
I know when I had a canker sore I tried listerine right before I went to bed and when I woke up it was almost gone. And to get you teeth whiter try Crest white strips premium or premium plus they work really good.
I used Crest Whitestripes-they were the expensive ones from the dentist office.
It takes 21 days-ish.
You think they havn't worked then a few days later, your teeth just brighten up.
Sorry, dont know much about canker sores
Drinking coke/pepsi/Dr. Pepper and coffee can have a detrimental effect on the colour of your teeth.
Sounds like you have thrush, gingivitis, and stained teeth. It all sounds really nasty but if you still have your teeth then you're doing better that a lot of people.

I know people get thrush sometimes when they're taking anti-biotics. The mouthwash your doctor gave you should take care of that. After you're finished with that mouthwash, start brushing your teeth more often and using listerine. To whiten your teeth have a dentist bleach them, or use the Whitestrips like everyone said.
About teeth color: whitestrips or other bleaching products would take care of yellow, but nor greyish though. If your teeth are really grey, you should consider veneers.


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