what r the adverse effects of studying till late.. very late in the night?!

Question: i've always been a late riser.. no matter what time i go to bed!
so i just like studying upto 2-3 am in the morn..
coz the best thing about it is the concentration.. its just great with no disturbance at all after midnight.. (its a joint family)!

i'm 17
First of all you will be tired and unproductive the whole next day.It will be hard for you to concentrate.It will also affect your behaviour.You are probably going to be aggresive,quick-tempered and most of the time in a bad mood.Additionally your body will be exhausted because doctors say that the hours that the body really relax are before midnight.Bye

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Don't know how it effects ones health, but it gave me dark circles under my eyes, and after all these years, they are still there.
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As you get more tired, the less efficient your brain is - the less you retain as far as studying. You also could be affecting your sleeping patterns by staying up so late. I used to be a late riser no matter what time I go to bed, but I found that the reason I had such a hard time in the morning was that I never reached deep sleep until the morning time - I started doing things to help me relax in the evening and I found that I started waking up earlier with more energy. Not sure the same will be true for you, but a perspective to consider. Good luck with the studies.
Same answer regarding the sleep deprivation and being tired the next day.

I think on occasion it really doesn't hurt anything though. I was the same way when I was your age.

I think you should talk to your family to see if they can help you find a quiet place in the evening. If you live in a busy house with siblings I can totally understand your point. Now that I think about it, I am still that way- once the kids & hubby are in bed, sometimes I stay up very late too & get things done, etc. I like the peace and dark and quiet. It's a zoo the rest of the time.

The poster who told you to relax and wind down in the evening was helpful. You might actually find that going to bed earlier and getting up early while the house is asleep works out better for you.

At least you are studying and not out carousing, right? Just try not to do it all the time.
Dear Night Owl,
I have been one, too, and heard about sleep gates. The Early Birds have their sleep gate at an early time and rise early. The Night Owls have their sleep gate late and consequently tend to sleep in. I got really going at night, enjoying the silence like you do.

Then I moved into a lonely cabin and realized that the noseems (no-see-them; tiny, badly stinging insects) came in, every night when I turned the light on, since there were so many slots in the cabin walls. I had the choice, to be either stung badly, or not turn the light on. It was a time to think and meditate in the dark. After some days I realized that I fell asleep sooner and sooner. Finally, when the weather got too cold for these insects and I had the lights on in the evening, I got tired around nine. Then I realized that when I would not go to bed immediately when tired, I was again wide awake. I concluded that I had a narrow sleep gate, as may be all Night Owls have. It is still like this: I can go to bed immediately when I first get tired or I am up late! I think that Night Owls love to do things, read or study and are too excited to go to bed, so that they override their sleep gate.

What do the Night Owls miss?

The Chinese Organ Clock indicates that certain organs are active or relaxing at certain hours of day and night. I translated the Chinese Organ Clock into colors, which are changing throughout the day. We definitely miss the colors of deep relaxation, when we do not sleep at the proper night time. These night colors rejuvenate us, and cannot be made up for during the day, when other colors are prevalent. Besides of this, children and young people grow mainly at night, when in deep sleep. I noticed that children, who went to bed late almost every night, did not grow very much. The deepest sleep occurs between 10 and 12 PM, if we go to bed early.

I would say that 9 is the right time for teenagers to go to bed, and 10 for adults. I guess this is not a very popular suggestion!

May be I gave you good reasons to go to bed earlier.
Happy night colors!
Cordially, India.Magica
Chinese Organ Clock
Some people need less sleep than others, so if you are functioning fine I don't see a problem with it. I wish I could stay up that late and not be mean and stay focused the next day.


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