Who knows Aikido?!

Question: I heard that Aikido is a martial art that teaches using other people's movements to cause them to be unbalanced, that it has a lot of throws, that it is great against fighting against more than one attacker, and that it can be used in a way that doesn't hurt or injure your opponent, but only holds them down.
1) is this true?
2) where is there a good Aikido place for a teenager to learn that is in Gennesse county, Michigan, U.S.A.
yeah that's true, but there are some moves that can hurt your opponent, of course if you want to learn how to fight against more than one opponent, you have to keep working hard for promotions. beginners (white belters) start with some techniques, how to fall, the aikido exercises and the side rolling. the sensei(teacher) said to us that even the basic techniques can save your life. As for your second question, I dunno 'cause I don't live there. You could try asking if some schools offer aikido during the summer.

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Sorry nokando


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