What causes the palm of my hand to continually itch?!

Question: This has been going on for years, to the point that I now have a callus in the itchy area.
It could be a few things. Firstly, dry skin. If so apply some moisturiser. Secondly, it could be a fungal infection in which case apply some Canesten or ant fungal cream. This is specially common if you work in a supermarker or are touching money a lot. It could also be an allergy, in which case to ease the pain an antihistamine would suffice. FI not any of the above, it is said that an itchy palm means good luck. SO heres hoping for you!

Other Answers:
go see a doc.
Dry skin, you need to put petroleum jelly on your hands bafore going to bed at night when you wake up your hands will be soft and smooth. Also drink a lot of water.


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