what do u think of dreadlocks?!

They are NOT for lazy people. they are actually really hard to maintain.

I think that they can look hot if they're small. You do have to sheve your head if you don't like them anymore though, and worry about geting bugs. yuck.

Other Answers:
they are cool.but I don't have the Hair for it :-(
Personaly, Dreadlocks are for people that are realy lazy and don't want to wash their hair much.

It also makes me think of some one i knew of in school and she alwas had them, she washed her hair about once a month, and took a shower once a week or so. So I might be a bit jadded here.
umm..there ok i guess i don't want them thou and if i didn't i couldn't don't have the hair for it.I know this is a bit rude and all personally the remind me of logs of crap.But they actually can look really cool.I saw a girl with dreads she look freaking awesome do you want them if you do go for it.


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